Do not follow anybody. Be an undisputed free spirit. Authentic, creative, bold, brave, sexy. Believe in success. Change the game. Straight ahead to the unknown, to you future best. Dare to be great, until you can be proud to say that you have become part of it.



Born a motocycle mechanic, Ian took life in his hands twice. First, he decided to follow to his passion and became a professional motorbike rider: soon I was a winner, the one who set the record of winning the most races in a single Isle of Man TT festival in 2010, achieving five solo wins.

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Casey Legler knew since age 14 that she would be in the 1996 Olympics and that she would win. With a perfect swimmer body and a daily five-hour training since she was little, it was no surprise that she qualified. The day before her race she actually broke the world record.

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Anab’s story stars in Somalia, a country her parents had to abandon due to the civil war. They fled to Ethiopia and shortly after, Anab was born. When she was only two weeks old, her father decided to go to Sweden in search for a better life for his family and after some years, they were able to reunite, living for the first year as refugees.

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Mechanic - Photographer

Jacopo is an italian artist known for his raw style. His portraits do not distinguish between normal and famous people, everybody has the same treatment and all seems to have a story to tell. So much so that director Paolo Sorrentino wrote twenty short stories based on Jacopo’s pictures. But most importantly, Jacopo himself is a man with a story to tell. He is a former mechanic who changes his life by following his passion: photography. He taught himself and became totally dedicated to his craft, becoming one of the highest regarder photographers.