Carrera 8027/S is part of the Carrera Active collection, born to offer eyewear solutions to every consumer with an active lifestyle, for whom comfort and durability can accept no compromise. This rectangular base 8 shape is designed for perfect fitting and enriched by integrated spring hinges, together with internal nose finishing and temple tips in Megol rubber, a material that ensures grip and stability for a perfect and comfortable fit in every condition. The style comes with polycarbonate lenses, all with UV protection lenses in addition to two dedicated Polarized colors. The color assortment is made of a full matte black version with internal Megol rubber temples in red with grey lenses, a full matte black with internal Megol rubber temples in grey and green lenses, a matte brown variation matching with internal Megol rubber temples in dark brown and Polarized light brown lenses, and a classic matte black version with internal Megol rubber temples in red with Red HD Polarized lenses.
  • Product type
  • Shape SQUARED
  • Color lenses BROWN
  • Color BROWN
  • Material POLYAMIDE INJ
  • Gender MAN
  • Lens Feature
  • Extra Feature POLARIZED
In addition to the UV protection, the polarized lens filter significantly reduces blinding glare caused by the reflection of light off of many surfaces. These lenses are particularly suitable in every condition characterized by an extreme bright conditions (i.e. seaside water, sand, roads and even snow). By blocking the horizontal light rays that create glare, which in turn diminishes our overall visibility, the Carrera polarized lenses ensure greater comfort and better vision for the wearer than compared to non-polarized lenses.